flat wire inductor used in automotive electronics field

The domestic substitution of automotive electronics has been a hot topic in recent years, but until today, the market share of domestic components in the automotive market is still low.Below, we have discussed the development trend of automotive electronic components and the challenges encountered in domestic substitution.
The automotive market, with its high scale and high profit market characteristics, has always been a key development market for various component manufacturers.

In recent years, with the continuous development of new energy vehicles, more and more functions are required on vehicles, and more electronic modules have replaced the mechanical modules on traditional fuel vehicles. As the demand for components in new energy vehicles increases, the requirements for components are also constantly changing.

In the past era of traditional fuel vehicles, the supply chain of components was basically solidified, and they were all occupied by large foreign manufacturers. With the rise of domestic new energy vehicle brands in recent years and the severe shortage of cores in the past two years, the entire industry chain has faced an opportunity to reshuffle. The monopoly position of foreign component manufacturers has loosened in the past, and the threshold for market entry has begun to decrease. The automotive market has opened the door for small enterprises and innovation teams in the country, and domestic component manufacturers have gradually entered the automotive supply chain, Domestic substitution has become an inevitable trend.

Compared to traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles require more electronic components at the beginning of their development, and with their rapid iteration, the required functions continue to increase, and the number of components also continues to increase. Car companies also have higher requirements for the volume of components. Because the space of a car is ultimately limited, how to place more components and achieve more functions in the limited space is an urgent problem that car companies and component manufacturers need to solve.Currently, among the mainstream solutions for achieving high integration and small volume integration of components, changing packaging is a simple and efficient solution

On the magnetic component side, reducing volume has more effective solutions. the volume direction of magnetic components mainly starts from the structure. Originally, the integration of magnetic components was to integrate different magnetic components onto a PCB, but now more and more is to integrate these two products into one product, also known as magnetic integration, which reduces the volume of magnetic components from the original structure. On the other hand, flat wire inductor can also be used to replace the magnetic rings in magnetic components, which can greatly reduce the overall volume of magnetic components. On the other hand, the use of flat inductor can also reduce the overall loss, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. developing a flat panel transformer with our customers, which takes up less space, has lower losses, and is more efficient. This is currently a major direction.

Post time: Nov-15-2023