About Us

Company Technology

Shenzhen Motto Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, we are a state-level high-tech enterprise and a specialized new enterprise, integrating research, development and design, It is a professional manufacturer of high-current inductors, integrated inductors, flat wire inductors, and new energy optical storage and magnetic components. Since its inception, our mission and vision is to create value, achieve customers, and become the top new inductance manufacturer in China.



We have always adhered to operation, continuous innovation, open cooperation, quality first, integrity, customer-centric, and striver-oriented.In the field of large-current inductors, integrated inductors, flat wire inductors, and new energy optical storage and charging magnetic components, we have accumulated core design, research & development &Production &manufacturing technology advantages to provide competitive magnetic components and solutions for industry customers.We focus on continuous R&D and production technology investment, and have achieved good results in the industry, with a compound annual growth of more than 15%.


We adhere to the strengthening the enterprise through science and technology, pay attention to the construction of research & development team & knowledge accumulation, we have 30 technicians, with a total of nearly 50 invention and utility model technology patents,We focus on long-term comprehensive governance. It has successively implemented advanced Yonyou U8 ERP, WMS warehousing and other information software management tools,realize efficient collaboration of production, inventory and finance, and improve operational efficiency; Strict product R&D and verification processes have been implemented to meet customer product functions.Effective management of quality and delivery time; Implement total quality management, obtain ISO9000 international quality system, ISO14001 international environmental system,TS16949 certification, AEC-Q200 certification, ROHS and REACH certification in the automotive electronics industry meet the customer market certification needs of various countries and regions.

Quality First

At present, we have dozens of manufacturing lines for high-current inductors, integrated inductors, flat wire inductors, and new energy optical storage and magnetic components,The annual production capacity of more than 200 million integrated inductors and more than 30 million other magnetic components; It has a complete set of modern reliability laboratories and testing laboratories .Always remember that quality is the cornerstone of enterprise survival and the reason for customers to choose COILMX. We maintain "go all out and never slacken off!"


Customer Service

We adhere to the spirit of customer service, adhere to the accurate delivery of customer requirements and expectations to all aspects of the product, respect the process rules, and jointly build quality.We give full play to the potential of our team and individuals, continue to improve our ability, balance opportunities and risks with customers, and quickly respond to customer needs,We promise to provide customers with high-quality products, services and solutions, create value for each customer and realize sustainable development.


We provide customers with broader innovative cooperation and services.

Based on long-term hard work, the products are sold in domestic and foreign markets, widely used in automotive electronics, new energy optical storage and charging, industrial control,Medical electronics, high-power power supply, rail transit and 5G communication, consumer electronics and other fields.