Application of Inductance in Electronic Circuit of New Energy Vehicles

With the rapid development of the global economy, cars have become an indispensable means of transportation . However, environment and energy problems have come more and more serious. The vehicles provide convenience ,but they also become one of the main causes of environmental pollution. Automobile is a pillar industry and a basic means of transportation. Governments strive to promote economic development and improve the living standards with the development of automobile. The use of new energy vehicles can reduce oil consumption and protect the atmospheric environment while maintaining the growth of vehicles. Therefore, governments actively promote new energy vehicles to save energy and reduce emissions for mankind and promote the development of green new energy.

Application of Inductance in Electronic Circuit of New Energy Vehicles (3)

Inductors are widely used in electronic circuits of new energy vehicles and are important components of automotive electronic technology. It can be divided into two categories according to its functions. First, the vehicle body electronic control system, such as sensors, DC/DC converters, etc; Second, on-board electronic control system, such as on-board CD/DVD audio system, GPS navigation system, etc. Inductive solutions are developing towards high efficiency, small size and low noise, giving full play to the advantages of new energy vehicles.

Application of Inductance in Electronic Circuit of New Energy Vehicles (4)

The inductor mainly plays the role of filtering, oscillation, delay and notch in the circuit, as well as filtering signals, filtering noise, stabilizing current and suppressing electromagnetic interference. DC/DC converter is a power conversion device of DC power supply. BOOST DC/DC converter used in new energy vehicles is mainly used for boosting the high-voltage system to meet the operation of motor drive system.

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The new energy vehicle charging pile is a large power source, which is the conversion from AC to DC high voltage. In addition to the complex physical environment of the core components of the new energy vehicle, including the power battery pack, traction motor and generator, power electronics, etc., it also needs to solve the electromagnetic compatibility/electromagnetic interference between the electromagnetic components during system integration. Otherwise, electromagnetic interference will affect the normal operation of the motor. Ferrosilicon magnetic powder core has the advantages of high magnetic flux density (BS) and small volume. When the main circuit current is large, the inductance will have DC bias, resulting in magnetic circuit saturation. The greater the current, the greater the saturation of the magnetic circuit. Therefore, ferrosilicon magnetic powder core is selected as the core material.

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